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I Am Not My Hair! The Kinky Hair Diaries

Published 11/11/2013 by Petra Chikasa

In July 2012 I decided to cut my hair and go back to my natural roots. It was such an exiting experience But i clearly had no idea what I had signed up for lol
Over the past year I have gone forward and backwards about what to do with my hair. It’s so hard to maintain a natural look because it is not as commercially acceptable as “the other looks”.
When I get comments like “when are you fixing your hair?” or “you need to do something about that hair” I wonder is this not enough?? Is the natural me not beautiful enough?? Is there anything wrong with maintaining the African Zambian kinky hair I was born with?? When I look at the lock of hair that my mother has from my time as a baby I say wow, I have come very far. My hair is as it is! My looks are as they are because this is me, Truely Zambian.
Perhaps why it is difficult to maintain a natural look is because everyday we are put under pressure to look a certain way. You are not “light enough”, your hair is not “straight enough” such that at the end of it all you are forced to look a certain way to fit into society.
For example, all the shampoo and hair product commercials that I have seen display girls with straight hair, even cosmetics, there is certain kind of girl that is portrayed and millions of young girls grow up believing that is how a beautiful girl should look like. Sometimes even in families, you hear relatives describe babies with lighter skin and “better” hair as beautiful- what about the dark baby? Is she not beautiful??
From an early age, young girls develop a complex about their looks. At school the girls with treated hair tend to make fun of girls with nappy hair. What is wrong with us as a people???
Our minds have been so colonized that we have neglected our true identity in pursuit of other people’s idea of beauty.
I say stay true to yourself, you are beautiful as you are. Don’t do something because it is “socially acceptable”. while accepting you are part of society, live in the freedom of individuality.. My African Zambian nappy kinky hair is my crown and i embrace it with no apologies! 😊

20131111-095251.jpgMY BEAUTIFUL CROWN 🙂