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The A-Z of The Gathering 2013

Published 08/01/2014 by Petra Chikasa

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The GB Gathering 2013

It is hard to believe that it has been a month since we first joined together as a community at The Gathering 2013. Have you had a chance to reflect on the legacy of The Gathering 2013 in your life? Reflection is crucial as a growing disciple; God uses it to refine, challenge and transform us.

Here’s our A-Z Reflection of The Gathering 2013. We hope that it makes you smile as your remember some fantastic moments and also challenges you to go deeper with God and put into practice some of the thing that you learnt.

A ‚Äď Arrival day
One month ago today, the venue of The Gathering 2013 was being reawakened by your voices and footsteps. The air was full of excitement and anticipation. Can you remember how you felt? What your hopes for the week were? For the planning team, it was amazing to…

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Published 03/01/2014 by Petra Chikasa

Glad to have been a part of this!

The GB Gathering 2013

tEAM 2

Yesterday, the International President tasked us to explore this question:

For GB to continue to transform lives from the INSIDE OUT for the next 120 years, what does GB globally need to reflect on, discuss and action?

We explored this question and¬†articulated a response according to¬†our giftings ‚Äď posters, collages, presentations, creative writing and drama. Excitingly one group decided to create The GB Girl Declaration which could be brought to ICGB for discussion. Here is the first draft ‚Äď it will give you goosebumps!

        I am NOT just any girl, I am a GB Girl

We were not given TALENTS and GIFTS to be invisible. We have TALENTS that we will use.

We want to be known and loved, for to be known is to be loved and to be loved is to be known.

To shine and show how the spirit of GOD is working in our community.


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