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Mabenda Sibanibani

Published 23/07/2015 by Petra Chikasa

During my recent visit at Chisyabulungu Community school I had the opportunity to meet 120 amazing girls with big dreams and hopes but one of them especially caught my attention.
Her name is Mabenda Sibanibani, she is 13 years old and in grade six. I sat down with all the girls to talk about what they wanted to be when they completed secondary school. Most of them said they wanted to be teachers and a few said they wanted to be nurses.
Their guidance counsellor Told me these girls lack role models and because it is a small community, they all want to be like her.
All but one, Mabende wants to be a Pilot! She wants to go to university, learn how to fly planes and come home to improve her community.

An Educated girl, empowers her community and lifts her country! Be #UpForSchool & #LetGirlsLearn.

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